Rush Wright Associates is an award winning design practice based in Melbourne, Australia, offering consultancy services in landscape architecture, urban design and constructed ecology. Bringing together the extensive experience and design expertise of its Directors Catherine Rush and Michael Wright, the company has built its reputation on commitment to client service and innovative design outcomes.

We have extensive experience working with private and public sector client authorities, as well as Federal, State, and Local Government bodies in the design evolution and delivery of landscape and urban design projects at the complete range of scales. Our work internationally includes collaborations with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates. In Australia, we have worked in Victoria, Tasmania, the Australian Capital Territory and in New South Wales. In Asia, we are working in Vietnam, Laos and China.

Our interests lie in the narrative potential of landscapes, looking for forms that tell stories and stories that can be told from new forms. Much of our work has centred on the public places of the Australian city, where we have been developing our own ideas about ‘civic space’ in a diverse range of urban settings.

The suburbs of Melbourne have been a place of experimentation in landscape and architecture, offering studies in cultural diversity and richness. By escaping the confines of the central city, with its onerous doctrines and codes of design conduct, we have found ways to distil provocative and delightful built outcomes from the people and places themselves.

Our practice also invests considerable design time in imagining planting designs. We constantly explore the potential of plants and seek semi-natural, occasionally wild compositions in our urban scenes.