Brimbank Community and Civic Centre

Location \ Sunshine
Client \ Brimbank City Council
Budget \ $1 M

The Brimbank Community and Civic Centre is a centrepiece of the Sunshine revitalisation as encapsulated by the Sunshine Rising initiative of Brimbank City Council, bringing a sense of civic monumentality and a theatre of social and cultural transaction that directly complements the public uses of the Centre.

Located on Hampshire Road, Sunshine’s main shopping street, the streetscape was integral to establishing a welcoming entry to the ground floor Library and Civic Centre customer service point.

A linear strip of furniture, transitioning from bench to table to recliner and back again, creates a new social spine which provides multiple opportunities for meeting, reading and hanging out.

The furniture sits in a recycled plastic boardwalk which spans the street tree pits providing substantial zones for water treatment and bio-retention. By co-locating this environmental function with the social function of the street we have sought to make an empathetic connection between the two.
Images by Peter Bennetts and RWA.