Theatre Place Canterbury

Location \ Canterbury
Client \ City of Boroondara
Budget \ N/A
DurationCurrently in progress

A new attractive and active public realm for Theatre Place, along with its adjacent lanes and linkages to Canterbury, will still sit respectfully alongside the important buildings from the past.

The concept for Theatre Place establishes a new arrangement and design of fixed and flexible furniture around the existing mature trees to introduce colour, visual interest and social potential into the public space, encouraging people to stay longer and gather in different ways.

The entrance is decluttered to open up view lines and welcome visitors in. A new timber deck forms the central focus for both day to day seating and regular events. Set at seat height the deck protects the existing Plane trees and resolves the uplift around the root zones to ensure the longevity of the trees coupled with the need to provide safe and accessible pavements for circulation. Seating nooks are integrated in the sides along backrests and arms. These elements are proposed to contain fine details inspired by local architectural metalwork.

A new high-quality stone pavement is proposed to brighten up the space, which is predominantly in shade, and allow the coloured tiles and stained glass of the surrounding shops to pop and sing New LED lighting including uplighting to trees will create a safe and attractive night experience.

Landscape architecture renders above by Scenery. Early concept sketches below.