Latrobe Institute of Molecular Science, Latrobe University

Location \ LaTrobe University, Bundoora Campus, Melbourne
Client \ LaTrobe University
Budget \ AUD$1.5 Million

The LaTrobe Institute for Molecular Science is a world-class research facility for molecular science, biotechnology and nanotechnology research, teaching and learning. The $55m, 6 storey facility provides approximately 2700m² of learning space – both wet and dry labs – on the lower 3 levels, and 18 research labs on the upper floors.

Rush Wright Associates was engaged to develop a new landscape design for the area associated with the proposed LaTrobe Institute for Molecular Science (LIMS building) designed by Lyons Architects.

The LIMS building is located in the heart of the LaTrobe University Bundoora Campus and provides a new state-of-the-art research and teaching facility. The landscape design contributes to the ‘enlivened’ precinct by providing a diverse range of spaces that enable students to work comfortably outdoors, hold large gatherings or relax between classes.

There were a number of requirements for access around the building and it was important that these ‘routes’ were not defined by pavement types nor edges. The use of the ‘campus’ brick tied the project into the wider pedestrian network across the campus but the introduction of the additional colours and pattern to the north emphasized pedestrian use by deliberately providing a small scale paving detail.

Rush Wright Associate’s design uses simple materials such as concrete, timber, artificial turf and native plants but in unique ways to achieve forms which were easy to build and easy to maintain.

The rich green of the turf, soft palette of native plants, warm toned colours and textures of the furniture compliments the brick palate and provides an interesting and unique campus landscape that contributes to the wider environment and student life in all facets of their day to day lives.

Images above and below by Rush Wright Associates and Diane Snape.