Realgreen Philosophy

“Landscape is really the stuff of life itself, the great theatre of the living spirit, the basis of collective endeavour, the territory of public space, the ecology of new world environments. This is the foundation of our technique and the reality of landscape architecture.”

Catherine Rush and Michael Wright


We’re interested in building ideas, turning living explorations into real things; these are the materials of our landscapes, born of the imagined places of our dreams.



The spaces we build reveal connections to the wide ecology of the new world city. Sites are living places, growing from the rock below, the water and soil.


We invent new forms, crafted from new ideas. Our designs explore uniqueness, derived from our own insight into details and systems of construction.


Landscapes should improve with age, and change to reflect nature’s patterns. As living environments, our work is designed in the fourth dimension; realised now and ready for the future.


The beauty of living systems is our constant inspiration and our guide. Our purpose is to design ecologies which serve our children and future generations.


Landscape architecture is an art of living nature, a cultural product, rich in meanings and diverse as the languages of all world communities.