Monash Science Research Technology Innovation Precinct

Location \ Monash University, Clayton Campus
Client \ Monash University
Budget \ AUD$2.5M


Rush\wright associates’ new landscape for Monash University combines sustainability and sociability to create an innovative new landscape space.

Part of the development of the STRIP – Science Technology Research and Innovation Precinct at Monash Clayton Campus. The proposal converts the former ring road into a pedestrian friendly spine and a new central space for the precinct.

The main landscape space was conceived as a re-imagining of the campus lawn. Designed as a biofilter, it provides a densely planted central space lined with paths, tree groves and seating. Surface water is channelled from the surrounding precinct into the biofilter where it is retained and filtered within a series of garden ‘cells’ before being stored within an underground tank to enable reuse. The sequence of capture, filtration and storage is organised to provide a simple, accessible explanation of the process. Testing and feedback mechanisms will help examine and refine the different planting strategies.

Adjacent to the pedestrian spine ‘cellular’ shaped garden spaces help to separate and screen the truck deliveries to the Science laboratories from the pedestrian promenade. The shaded spaces incorporate customised seating specifically designed to encourage student interaction